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Inline editing of DataType Status



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      After the change
      User is able to change status of the JIRA or Trello task. Change is reflected in JIRA or Trello respectively. Resolution in JIRA is changed when relevant (i.e. when tasks are closed or reopened, this is configured in JIRA and hopefully will be set up automatically upon status change).


      • User can inline edit field Status.
      • When enabling editing, a dropdown with available statuses is displayed.
      • Change of status is reflected in JIRA.
      • If new status changes Resolution, the change of status in Big Picture should also change a Resolution in JIRA (steps to reproduce: [section below]).
      • If change of status triggers a modal in JIRA requiring to manually change the Resolution, BigPicture displays an error message: [TBC - provided by grzegorz.figlarz after consultation with Team Copywriting].
      • User cannot change Basic Task status, because Basic Tasks do not have statuses at the moment.
      • User cannot inline edit status category.
      • List of available statuses while editing is always displayed with lozenge, regardless of selected decorator on a cloumn (see attached figma).

      Steps to reproduce changing Resolution in JIRA

      • Open a task in JIRA, change status, see what happens to resolution when changing to each status (eg. status IN PROGRESS -> DONE, Resolution changes Unresolved -> Resolved, when Status changes from DONE to TO DO, Resolution changes from Resolved to Unresolved)
      • Next open BigPicture and on Gantt module change status from IN PROGRESS to DONE and check in JIRA if Resolution changed too, than change the status and see if the resolution switched back to Unresolved
      • Create custom workflow in JIRA, which requires manual setting up of the Resolution when changing status to DONE - in this case BigPicture is not be able to change the status, error is be displayed.


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