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JMCF duration field is visible in available fields for Column Views/Card Views



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      Before change:
      JMCF duration field is not visible in available fields for Column Views/Card Views.

      After change:
      JMCF duration field is visible in available fields for Column Views/Card Views.

      1. The JMCF Duration is mapped to BP Estimation Data Type.
      2. The JMCF Duration is displayed in 24h mode and not in 8h mode, which is is the default mode for the BP Estimation Data Type.
      3. The JMCF Duration is blocked for inline editing even though it is mapped to the Estimation Data Type, which allows for inline editing. This is due to the fact that JMCF Duration field is a scripted field, which means that it displays results of calculations involving other fields. 


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