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Inline editing of DataType IndividualResource in Column View and Card View of Tasks



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      Before the change:
      User DataType cannot be inline edited in any task-related view in BigPicture (Gantt, Scope, Board, Risk).

      After the change:
      User DataType can be inline edited in a Column View or Card View in Big Picture.

      • Different User Pickers are used depending on the task:
        Task type User Picker after the change Comment
        Basic task Resource Picker (any user: hostplatform, system, extplatform) Future development idea (FDI): filtering by platform, screenshot in the attachment
        JIRA task Ext User Picker Only users from JIRA instance to which this task belongs.
        Trello task Ext User Picker Only users from Trello instance to which this task belongs
      • After assigning a User from the ExtPlatform a mechanism checking if user exists as a resource is launched. If user does not exist as a resource in Big Picture, they are added - this functions exactly the same way as during assigning a new Assignee in JIRA task which is in scope of a Box.

      Gantt, Scope, Board, Risk
      Column View (Gantt, Scope, Board infobar), Card View (Board, Risk)
      Assignee (BigPicture domain field), Assignee (JIRA field), custom user-based field (JIRA field)


      • Regarding JIRA task assignee or custom user field: in most cases BigPicture will only have one JIRA instance (which now is a hostplatform), but in some cases more JIRA instances can be connected as extplatforms. Therefore in case of JIRA task assignee, Ext User Picker needs to select relevant JIRA instance.
      • Regarding JIRA task assignee or custom field: some tasks may be limited to certain groups only. If we cannot check which users have JIRA permissions to be assigned to a task, we need to be at least able to nicely handle an error informing that user cannot be assigned, e.g. "This user does not have permission to be assigned to this task. Please select another user or change permissions in JIRA configuration". Alternatively Resource Picker may return just a precise list of users, who can be assigned to a task. This is a technical question and needs to be decided considering performance optimization.
      • Basic task assignee does not need to be in the same Box Context - any user or resource recognized by Big Picture can be any Basic Task assignee.
      • Changing an assignee of a task should trigger scheduling mechanism (e.g. information about exceeding resources capacity or resource not being available when task is planned), change should be reflected on a Resource panel in Gantt module.


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