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User can decide whether to keep manual indentations after structure change



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      Before change:

      The user in the Task Structure panel can activate the "Reset task structure" switch, which resets the task structure.

      Thesis - this operation is incomprehensible to the user, more precisely - he does not know what will happen if he changes the structure and does not switch the slider.


      After change:

      1. Each Save operation after changing the Structure Builders automatically reset the structure (but keeping manual indents) so that the final appearance of the task structure is unambiguous for the user.
      2. "Reset task structure" slider is replaced by the "Clear manual indents" slider. "Clear manual indents" slider decides whether pressing the Save button will reset manual indents (no change in builder sliders is required).
      3. "Clear manual indents" slider is displayed only if the BP detects that manual indents exist in the given Box.



      Thesis - the mechanism of building the structure after the changes is more understandable for the user.

      Potential risk - impact on performance (slowdown).


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